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Introduction: Tile a Table Top

Woodworking Plans For A Foosball Tablehow to Woodworking Plans For A Foosball Table for I tiled my patio in 2011, and I absolutely hated the entire experience.  I will probably never do a project like that again.  In the end it came out pretty good, but bent over in the Georgia sun mixing mortar and cutting tile wasn''t use the tile saw for this project.

Now, here is a bit of information:  

1.  I built the table depicted in this instructable, but you DON''t even need to do a coffee table, you can be as ambitious as you want.  Do your dining table if you want.

3.  You don''t use rubber tile spacers because all the tiles are different and the spacing is off a bit.

The adhesive is roughly the same color and consistency of  peanut butter, but makes a less delicious sandwich.  This is why you may want to think about an electric or air-powered caulk gun, although the nice ones go for over $100, and that isn''t have any loose tiles.  See the picture to see a good way to apply adhesive.

2.  Press the tile into place.  You will have plenty of play before the adhesive dries so wiggle it into the right position and press it down hard.  Again, if you use those little tiles, put pressure on each one when pressing it down.

3.  Adhere in a pattern (see picture) and be sure not to touch any other tiles or it will mess up your pattern.

4.  If you get adhesive on the top of the tiles, just wipe it off with a damp rag or paper towel while holding the tile in place.

5.  Let it sit overnight, and by tomorrow, you will need a crowbar to take off the tiles.  And you will probably break the tile before the adhesive, this stuff is strong!

Step 4: Now the Really Messy Part.

Now that your tiles are set with an unbreakable bond, you can grout it.  This is fairly messy, so be ready.

1.  Go ahead and take off your rings and watches so you don''t get cold)

3.  Open your grout bucket and turn one of your ziploc bags inside out.

4.  Scoop up some grout with your inside-out bag with your hand inside, pull it through and zipper the top closed.  If you have ever owned a dog, you will probably be an expert at this.

5.  Cut or tear a little bit of corner off of the bag, now you can use it like a cake frosting squeeze bag and put a bead of grout along the gaps.  Do all the gaps like this.

6.  Now you have grout all over your table, but it definitely isn''t have to get it all, just get as much as you can.

10.  Let it sit for about 2 hours or so and then clean it up a little more as described in (8).  You can scrub the built up areas with your damp rag.

11.  Let it sit for 24 hours.

Step 5: The Finishing Touches

Woodworking Plans For A Foosball Tablehow to Woodworking Plans For A Foosball Table for 1.  Now that your grout has hardened overnight, dampen your scrub pad and clean each tile.  Your grout will not be completely set but not runny, be careful around your lines.

2.  Wipe off water residue with a paper towel or a film may form on the tiles.  Grout film is pretty hard to clean off after it is dry, so take care of it now.

3.  Since things tend to shrink as they dry, your grout may have formed cracks along the lines or little pits where air has escaped.  If any of the grout lines are messy or lumpy, you can reapply a little more grout to it.  Clean it as described before.  If you have really small flaws, you can put a little water on there and smooth it out with your finger.

Repeat 1-3 until you you have no build up, film, residue, or anything undesirable looking on your table.

4.  Let it sit until completely dried which may take a few days.  You can test it by pressing your fingernail on the grout and it should not dent; it will feel like concrete.

5.  Use the grout sealer, just follow the instructions on the bottle. 

What you are left with should be a very attractive tile-top table so enjoy some coaster-less coffee!

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    Hi there do you also have instructions for how to build the coffee table? This seems neat and I would love to do it but I need to know how to make a coffee table since I do not own one and have no intentions to buy one as I want to do it all from scratch. Please advise thanks.


    1 year ago

    Thank you, very helpful! But how about instructions to build the table too? I''m going to tile plywood then attach it to the top of a dresser, to use as a kitchen island. any ideas of how i can '' the sides of the plywood since it won''frame''t have to cut the tile. I find that to be a pain. Other than that, the tile portion wasn''m not the only one who''t it.