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Dark floors work with multiple cabinet colors and countertops.

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Of course, you can choose any color you want for your cabinetry, but whether it clashes or makes a design statement depends on the color. Dark floors, whether tile, vinyl, laminate or hardwood, provide a strong base in a room. To avoid over-saturating the area with dark colors -- unless that''s compass orientation also affects the movement of light in the room. Northern-windowed rooms receive cool light, while southern rooms receive ample, warm light throughout most of the day. Eastern-facing rooms get bright morning light, while western rooms receive the fading light of day, all of which affect the colors used in the room.

Dark-Colored Floors

Dark floors have more visual weight to them, which makes them a good choice for color-grounding the floor. If the dark tones are cool, the floor tends to recede, but if the dark color has warmth to it, the color advances into the space. Dark earth tones on the floor allow you to choose a variety of colors for your cabinets in lighter shades. Light birch and tans, white or red oak or lighter neutral colors all offer excellent cabinet color choices with a dark floor. Even the right shades, tints or tones or red on the cabinets can make them work with a dark floor.

White for 1 last update 2020/06/04 CabinetsWhite Cabinets

Easy Plat Form Bed Frame Planhow to Easy Plat Form Bed Frame Plan for Make a stark, but compelling contrast with white cabinets and dark floors. When you add white to cabinets, you can also add a light neutral to your countertops. But if you want to tie the horizontal spaces together, match the countertop color to the floor, offset by the white cabinetry between the two. Muted yellow on the walls adds a touch of color. Break up the color scheme with accessories that provide spots of bright colors.

Dark Cabinets and Floor

Make a dramatic statement by adding dark cabinets in a shade that matches the flooring. But break up the drama by adding white countertops and walls. Solid-surface granite countertops with gray veins tie the colors together by providing contrast and a mix of dark in light in the gray veins. The idea is to avoid making cabinets, floor, countertops and walls the same color unless you plan a thoroughly modern kitchen with a lot of stainless steel or shiny metal accoutrements.

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