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Wood/Brass Model

Trebuchets are medieval siege engines originally developed to cripple castle walls. While these tabletop versions are too small to knock down any walls. They are however, perfect for office warfare!


These kits are 1:24 scale models of the French architect Eugène Violet-le-Duc’s trebuchet. Not only do they look impressive they are designed to launch small projectiles up to 25ft.

How to Build

Laser cut wood and machined brass components insure a precise fit. Making the need for glue obsolete. The kit include everything needed, except a hammer, scissors and counterweights. Instructions are available at

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  • Laser cut baltic birch  (Stained)

  • Maple and brass pulleys

  • Cotton string 

  • Leather pouch

  • Brass pins for assembly

  • DIY Dog Crate Deskhow to DIY Dog Crate Desk for Capable of shooting over 25 feet

  • Assembles in the 1 last update 2020/07/02 2-4 hours Assembles in 2-4 hours 

  • Base is 14""

Best assembled using:

  • Hammer ( to lightly drive the brass pins in)

  • scissors (for cutting string)

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