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🔥+ Woodworking Plans 30 May 2020 Steps to Make the Cleaner: Put ½ cup of either lemon juice or white vinegar in a spray bottle. Add ½ cup of water. Choose one of these ...

Woodworking Plans 280 manufacturers need inventions, patented or unpatented. List free. ... Make easy-to-assemble purses, belts, gloves, woolskin toys, 100 other items for gifts or to ... COMPLETE Plans for 6 foot sawbuck table and bench; with full size patterns, ...

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Woodworking Planshow to Woodworking Plans for Looking to create your own open clothes and shoe storage? It’s easy with our closet organizer systems. Our signature series clothes organizer systems are the ultimate in versatile storage, and are a perfect addition to large homes, small apartments, and anywhere in between.

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Closet organizers for a walk-in closet

Open storage systems are perfect for a walk-in closet. Normally a walk-in closet can be quite a challenge to place in a small room. If you put regular wardrobe cabinets in, it can be difficult opening doors without them getting in the way. With an open storage system this would not be a problem. You would have all your outfits at arm’s reach and can see all your choices in front of you without having to open and close doors – just take a look around.

The advantages don’t only apply to a walk-in closet. Open storage systems work just as well in a bedroom. You could display your outfits in the open and have easy access to everything.

Design it yourself

Another advantage with open storage systems like ALGOT and ELVARI is that you can design both the look and function of it yourself. For a smaller space for instance you can make sure that the dimensions of your closet organizers match the dimensions of your closet, walls and taste. Just choose the parts and sizes you like. If you want to refresh your setup you can re-arrange it and change it around to your liking.   

Remember you can always make your open storage even more flexible by adding different boxes and baskets that match your taste. Have a look at our wide range of boxes and baskets to get some inspiration on how you can personalize and adapt your closet organizer.

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