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It’s the spot where family gathers for holiday meals, birthday cake, and after-dinner chats. The dining table is the center of so many happy memories, why not tailor yours to suit your tastes and style? Even a newbie to the DIY scene can succeed with these 25 DIY dining table projects.

  1. Farm-Friendly Style


    The warm-and-cozy farmhouse style is still riding high on the decorating charts. Bring home a little of that folksy aesthetic with this easy-to-make vintage-inspired dining table and bench from Honeybear Lane


  2. Rustic Modern


    Woodshop Diaries gets the "" dining table just right. Its clean lines and natural wood complement practically any decorating style.


  3. Dining Alfresco

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    Eating outdoors is one of the many joys of the warm-weather months, and your meals will taste even better on this terrific-looking picnic table from Houseful of Handmade. It’s big enough for eight people, making it perfect for a summer barbecue with friends.

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    housefulofhandmade.com housefulofhandmade.com

  4. Go Quartz


    Although wood may be the most common material used for DIY furniture, it’s not the only option, as proved by this retro-style quartz-topped DIY dining table from Lovely Indeed. It’s the perfect the 1 last update 2020/06/01 centerpiece for a midcentury modern dining room.Although wood may be the most common material used for DIY furniture, it’s not the only option, as proved by this retro-style quartz-topped DIY dining table from Lovely Indeed. It’s the perfect centerpiece for a midcentury modern dining room.


  5. Modern Backyard


    While a traditional picnic table is a backyard classic, there’s nothing preventing you from giving your outdoor table a modern vibe. This one from By Brittany Goldwyn turns a backyard eating area into a contemporary refuge.

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    bybrittanygoldwyn.com bybrittanygoldwyn.com

  6. Reclaim It


    Making a DIY dining table from reclaimed wood, which can be sourced from old fences, barns, decks, boxes, or even pallets, is easy on the environment and usually easier on your wallet too. Plus, as Table + Hearth’s project shows, weathered wood has a welcoming, lived-in appeal.


  7. Put It on a Pedestal


    With a pedestal table like this one from Her Tool Belt, you can squeeze in more people—an important consideration if you need to accommodate many family members in a small dining space. This sturdy table mixes cottage and farmhouse style in a charming and efficient design.

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  8. You're Benched


    Woodworking Planshow to Woodworking Plans for Using benches at your dining table creates a casual, friendly vibe and lets you fit in more people than you could with traditional seating. This table, from Erin Spain, embodies a modern farmhouse style.

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    erinspain.com erinspain.com

  9. Count on Copper

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    A Beautiful Mess puts a unique spin on dining table legs: copper pipes. The pipes are an unexpected—and highly attractive—substitute for the usual wood and are sure to inspire conversation and compliments.

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  10. Hairpin Legs


    Hairpin legs add a touch of midcentury modern style to an otherwise basic dining table, resulting in this attractive, expansive design from A Beautiful Mess.

    abeautifulmess.com abeautifulmess.com

  11. Ikea Hack


    What do you get when you take the base of an Ikea Docksta table and add an oval wooden tabletop? This retro dining table from A Beautiful Mess that seats six comfortably, that’s what.


  12. Simply Perfect


    This DIY dining table from The Merrythought has it all: a reclaimed, rustic top; retro hairpin legs; and a generous size that makes it a great family hub. What better spot to create memories!

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  13. Round About


    Round dining tables are ideal for small eating areas or awkward kitchen corners. Here, Little Red Brick House offers an easy take on modern farmhouse style.


  14. Traditional Farmhouse


    You could buy a traditional farmhouse dining table with painted legs and a natural wood top, but it might not be as beautiful as this one from I Heart Naptime. Make it truly yours by painting the base in your favorite color, or choose a hue that adds some spice to your dining area.


  15. A Classy Joint


    The House of Wood teaches you everything you need to know to create a sleek and contemporary dining table with box joints instead of complicated dovetail or mundane butt joints. These small details make a big impact.


  16. Farmhouse with Flair


    The House of Wood shows how easy it is to get a weathered look without waiting for nature and time to do the job for you. Start with prefabricated table legs in a rustic finish, and you''ll have the look of well-worn wood in no time at all. 

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  17. Perfect for Beginners


    Brand new to the DIY furniture scene? Then get your feet wet and learn the basics with this easy but attractive farmhouse-style table from The House of Wood. The feeling of accomplishment you’ll gain will inspire you to even greater heights.



  18. X Marks the Spot

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    X-brace, that is. Instead of using the typical straight corner table legs, Cherished Bliss shows you how to up the interest with cross braces. It may be a little bit more work, but the payoff in good looks and stability is more than worth it.

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  19. Small Spaces

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    If your dining area is diminutive, you’ll appreciate the small size of this so-easy-to-DIY dining table from Cherished Bliss. This is another project that’s perfect for newbies looking to gain experience with power tools and DIY furniture.


  20. Herringbone Dining Table

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    If you’re ready to try your hand at something slightly more challenging, check out this herringbone-topped beauty from Cherished Bliss. This table is perfect for a large dining room or an outdoor eating area.

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  21. So-Easy Table and Benches

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    Basic doesn’t have to be boring, as shown by this simple-to-DIY farmhouse dining table and benches from Ana White. Even if this is your first-ever DIY project, you’ll be deservedly proud of the results.

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  22. Patchwork Beauty

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    Scrap wood gives this basic Parsons table from Ana White a dose of pizzazz, and the mixture of woods turns the tabletop into a patchwork of natural beauty. Choosing pieces of wood in a variety of contrasting grains and colors is the key to this funky look.


  23. Big Enough for a Crowd


    If you have a big family, or love to entertain, you need a large dining table. A metal frame gives this crowd-pleasing DIY dining table from an Instructables user, which is topped with massive slabs of Cypriot pine, a touch of industrial cool.

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    instructables.com via Make it Extreme

  24. Get Stained

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    The Turquoise Home shows how just a little bit of colored stain can turn a basic dining table into a piece that looks like it’s been around forever. Olive stain was used here, but you can choose whatever color works best in your dining area.


  25. Live-Edge Dining Table

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    Wood with a live edge brings the feel of the forest indoors. When it''t find a dining table that''http://bobvila.com''bobvila.com''_blank''see_more''see_more_content''see_more_title''links''link''first''see_more_thumb js-tracking-link''https://www.bobvila.com/slideshow/9-simple-diy-ways-to-reinvent-your-kitchen-cabinets-49215''link-content''link-header''link''second''see_more_thumb js-tracking-link''https://www.bobvila.com/slideshow/12-kitchen-trends-you-might-regret-48954''link-content''link-header''link''''see_more_thumb js-tracking-link''https://www.bobvila.com/slideshow/10-clever-diy-ways-to-store-kitchen-spices-48265''link-content''link-header''link''''see_more_thumb js-tracking-link''https://www.bobvila.com/slideshow/30-things-you-never-buy-at-the-grocery-store-but-should-51825''link-content''link-header''link''fourth''see_more_thumb js-tracking-link''https://www.bobvila.com/slideshow/12-inventive-ideas-for-a-budget-backsplash-49552''link-content''link-header''link''''see_more_thumb js-tracking-link''https://www.bobvila.com/slideshow/14-pantry-goods-that-basically-never-expire-51624''link-content''link-header''link''''see_more_thumb js-tracking-link''https://www.bobvila.com/slideshow/13-beautiful-ways-to-use-a-backyard-pergola-52955''link-content''link-header''link''last''see_more_thumb js-tracking-link''https://www.bobvila.com/slideshow/6-rock-solid-reasons-to-pick-concrete-flooring-50359''link-content''link-header''link''''see_more_thumb js-tracking-link''https://www.bobvila.com/slideshow/7-budget-friendly-kitchen-makeover-tips-14529''link-content''link-header''clear: both;'} -->