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Build Large Corner Shelf
Jessica Zernike |

Towel racks are some of the most important accessories in any bathroom. Although traditionally the racks are used to keep towels dry after a bath, the modern designs we see these days also act as excellent dcor accessories. For instance, shiny metal racks can give plain bathroom walls immense beauty. But even as you decorate your bathroom, you cannot afford to ignore storage.

Woodworking Planshow to Woodworking Plans for The bathroom is probably one place in your home where the storage can be very limited. But dont worry, there are a few innovative solutions that can help you reclaim storage space in the bathroom without cluttering it. The towel rack with shelf is actually a very good example. The rack is designed for holding towels but also features an additional shelf. The shelf is not always that big but it can be used to hold bathroom supplies or even additional towels if needed.

Most towel racks feature an open shelving design which will complement plain bathroom walls in a great way. The shelf doesnt even have to be used for storage. You can add a plant pot up there or an antique as a way to decorate your bathroom. Although this might seem like something simple, it can go a long way in adding a level of style and character into the bathroom.

The shelves are also quite durable and can hold a wide range of things with ease as for 1 last update 2020/08/06 long as they are installed correctly. These racks are very functional and will add amazing style to the bathroom.The shelves are also quite durable and can hold a wide range of things with ease as long as they are installed correctly. These racks are very functional and will add amazing style to the bathroom.

Durable metal-based wall mounted towel rack featuring a top shelf and a towel bar. The unit comes with easy to use mounting hardware and its silver metallic finish is designed to bring beautiful accent to any wall. The rack is made from aluminum and measures 60 x 19 x 18 centimeters.
Arverne Wall Mounted Towel Rack
This towel rack has a staggering 17 different finishes available, so finding one to suit your color scheme is easy. Combining rustic with industrial, it is constructed of IPE ironwood while solid brass is the hardware of choice. Durable and strong, the wood is protected with a varnished top coat to make sure that water and moisture don’t make it rot and decay. Cool and stylish, it looks handmade giving it some real character.
Wall Shelf
Finished in a cool metallic gray color, this shelf is able to even be placed in the shower due to it being resistant to corrosion. Thanks to the shelf, it does jut almost 10” out from the wall which is something to keep in mind when positioning it. Also, with a 24” long hanging rail, it does provide you with enough space for a few towels on a shelf that is modern in style.
Iron Cowboys 20""vh2-board-item board-item""370871""vh2-board-item-photo board-item-photo""mini-check""i370871""https://visualhunt.com/photos/13/miscellaneous-commercial-wall-shelf.jpg?s=wh2""Miscellaneous Commercial Wall Shelf""vh2-board-item-desc board-item-desc""board-item board-item-similar vh2-board-item-similar""vh2-board-item-similar--header""/led-vanity-mirror""/linen-cabinet-with-hamper""/decorative-bathroom-exhaust-fans""/bathroom-shelves-over-toilet""/vanity-chair-with-wheels""/vanity-mirror-with-light-bulbs""/corner-tubs-for-small-bathrooms""/corner-shower-for-small-bathroom""/medicine-cabinet-with-lights""/makeup-vanity-table-with-lighted-mirror""vh2-board-item board-item""370819""vh2-board-item-photo board-item-photo""mini-check""i370819""https://visualhunt.com/photos/13/iron-deer-and-pine-trees-20-towel-rack.jpg?s=wh2""Iron Deer and Pine Trees 20" Towel Rack""vh2-board-item-desc board-item-desc"" Towel Rack
Featuring a design of pine trees and a deer, this wood and metal combination is more than a towel rack as each item is handmade making it more of a work of art. The burnt sienna finish is appealing and works well with the overall look. Measuring 20” long, it works perfectly in a more rustic bathroom.
Zane Wall Mounted Towel Rack
This simple design is also very on-trend at this moment in time thanks to the square shape of not only the brackets but also the bars themselves. Made from a base metal, it is then covered in polished chrome to give it that stunning modern look. The bottom rung does softly curve for safety reasons, but it works well with the rest of the rack and at 24.5” long, it is the perfect length for the majority of bathrooms.
Speicher Wall Mounted Towel Rack
Finished in chrome or brushed nickel, this simple towel rack has three rails. Modern in style, it is short at only 9.6” in length, but that does make it the perfect solution for hand towels in your bathroom. Also, thanks to its size it can easily fit into small corners if space is indeed at a premium.
Caspian Wall Mounted Towel Rack
This towel rack is designed to really introduce more of a contemporary item into your bathroom. Constructed from brass, it is then coated with a chrome effect to make it glisten and shine rather than the often dull brass look. Designed to be capable of withstanding up to 50lbs in weight, it will be ideal for displaying some accessories even in a bathroom where space is at a premium and at 23.62” long, it is a perfect compact size.
Drew 2 Piece Wall Shelf Set
Combining rustic appeal with industrial design, this set is available in a walnut, dark walnut or white finish. With the shelf being made of pine, it has been left in a natural state which allows the grain of the wood to shine through. The metal rail hangs below with there being a 1.5” gap which is enough for your towels to hang without any problems. At 25” long, it comes in a pack of 2 and with it being easy to install it can completely change a wall in no time.
Edera Double Wall Mounted Towel Rack
This rack is both stylish and elegant at the same time while it also provides a real function. Finished in chrome, it is protected from corrosion which is why the moisture in the bathroom will not then be in a position to affect it. Standing 9.8” out from the wall, it is also a fraction over 24” long making this a standard size rack suitable for a bathroom of almost any size.
Hedvige Wall Shelf
Chrome bathroom organizer with two wire shelves and towel rack. Easy wall mount, great place to keep all that bathroom clutter without trapping moisture on a flat surface. Top shelf has end rack and attractive finials on ends of uprights.
Aura Wall Shelf
With brushed nickel and chrome options available, this sturdy shelf and towel rack has a strong look and design. Also, it will prove to be easy to keep clean thanks to the metal while it still looks plush enough to be included in almost any kind of bathroom. A flawless finish means it is protected from rust and damage making sure it looks pristine for years to come and at only 22.8” long it is perfect for even small bathrooms.
Hotel Motel Towel Bar Wall Shelf
This is one sturdy wall shelf with a hanging rail for towels situated beneath. Finished in chrome, and with stamped steel wall brackets, this rail is resistant to corrosion while it also comes with an extra support bracket to make everything that bit more secure. Modern in its style, it measures 24” in length.
Latitude II Minimalist Spa Mounting Towel Rack
Choose from black, nickel or chrome finishes before selecting from the two sizes of racks to fit in your bathroom. Crafted from metal, it is both practical as well as aesthetically pleasing. The towel rail is typically 24” long while the wall mounting brackets require little DIY knowledge.
Ventus Wall Mounted Towel Rack
This cool, modern styled towel rack comes in matte black, chrome or brushed nickel finish. Actually made from solid brass, it offers clean lines with a huge amount of space to hang a variety of towels in your bathroom. It is also resistant to corrosion, so it should continue to look in pristine condition for a long time while completing the look with other items from the same range will make your bathroom look stunning.
Zura Wall Mounted Towel Rack
Primo Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Towel Rack
Iron Horses 20""vh2-board-item board-item""370867""vh2-board-item-photo board-item-photo""mini-check""i370867""https://visualhunt.com/photos/13/morecambe-wall-mounted-countertop-towel-rack.jpg?s=wh2""Morecambe Wall Mounted/Countertop Towel Rack""vh2-board-item-desc board-item-desc""vh2-board-item board-item""370874""vh2-board-item-photo board-item-photo""mini-check""i370874""https://visualhunt.com/photos/13/cole-original-towel-rack-floating-shelf-2.jpg?s=wh2""Cole Original Towel Rack Floating Shelf""vh2-board-item-desc board-item-desc""vh2-board-item board-item""370822""vh2-board-item-photo board-item-photo""mini-check""i370822""https://visualhunt.com/photos/13/iron-horse-shoe-and-star-towel-rack.jpg?s=wh2""Iron Horse Shoe and Star Towel Rack""vh2-board-item-desc board-item-desc""vh2-board-item board-item""370839""vh2-board-item-photo board-item-photo""mini-check""i370839""https://visualhunt.com/photos/13/bathroom-wall-mounted-towel-rack.jpg?s=wh2""Bathroom Wall Mounted Towel Rack""vh2-board-item-desc board-item-desc""vh2-board-item board-item""370865""vh2-board-item-photo board-item-photo""mini-check""i370865""https://visualhunt.com/photos/13/combs-towel-rack-floating-shelf-2.jpg?s=wh2""Combs Towel Rack Floating Shelf""vh2-board-item-desc board-item-desc""vh2-board-item board-item""370898""vh2-board-item-photo board-item-photo""mini-check""i370898""https://visualhunt.com/photos/13/landisville-wall-shelf-1.jpg?s=wh2""Landisville Wall Shelf""vh2-board-item-desc board-item-desc""vh2-board-item board-item""370830""vh2-board-item-photo board-item-photo""mini-check""i370830""https://visualhunt.com/photos/13/iron-cowboy-boots-20-towel-rack.jpg?s=wh2""Iron Cowboy Boots 20" Towel Rack""vh2-board-item-desc board-item-desc"" Towel Rack
Iron Pine Cone 20""vh2-board-item board-item""370870""vh2-board-item-photo board-item-photo""mini-check""i370870""https://visualhunt.com/photos/13/wall-mounted-towel-rack-2.jpg?s=wh2""Wall Mounted Towel Rack""vh2-board-item-desc board-item-desc""vh2-board-item board-item""370880""vh2-board-item-photo board-item-photo""mini-check""i370880""https://visualhunt.com/photos/13/ts-series-train-wall-mounted-towel-rack.jpg?s=wh2""TS Series Train Wall Mounted Towel Rack""vh2-board-item-desc board-item-desc""vh2-board-item board-item""355681""vh2-board-item-photo board-item-photo""mini-check""i355681""https://visualhunt.com/photos/12/bennett-original-towel-rack-floating-shelf-1.jpg?s=wh2""Bennett Original Towel Rack Floating Shelf""vh2-board-item-desc board-item-desc""vh2-board-item board-item""370901""vh2-board-item-photo board-item-photo""mini-check""i370901""https://visualhunt.com/photos/13/bayer-30-wall-mounted-towel-shelf-with-towel-bar.jpg?s=wh2""Bayer 30" Wall Mounted Towel Shelf with Towel Bar""vh2-board-item-desc board-item-desc"" Wall Mounted Towel Shelf with Towel Bar
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